Lloyd Tabing's art is not just a visual experience but a thought-provoking journey. He likens his paintings to a book, where each brushstroke is a word, every painting a paragraph, and a series of works a chapter. His hope is that the language of his art will create a unique personal connection for each viewer. His recent works, which integrate the colors, movements, and peculiarities of his surroundings, reflect contemporary struggles and triumphs. Lloyd Tabing's art is a journey that explores space, emotion, and the human condition, expressed through his distinctive and dynamic abstract style, always leaving the viewer with something to ponder.

Based in Jönköping, Sweden, Tabing's work visualizes the contrast between reality and his interpretation of it. His paintings conceal as much as they reveal, intertwining gestural marks, drawings, texture, and fields of color, inviting viewers to engage deeply with thought and emotion. His pieces are often large in scale and reflect his connection to the environments that inspire him.

His approach to painting is reactionary and sometimes aggressive, yet his finished pieces always exude a calming and captivating quality that is both pleasant and thought-provoking.

Lloyd Tabing values his self-taught background for the uninhibited and pure style it has fostered. He often begins with a drawing or simple mark-making to capture an idea or feeling but allows the reactionary process to take over once the painting starts. This method involves adding and subtracting elements, creating depth and texture while revealing underlying layers.