Lola Mitchell

I strive to create beautiful images.

I do a lot of underwater photography because I love movement. Underwater people look like they are flying, floating, dancing. I do not use oxygen while I shoot and love the whole process of holding my breath. It is like meditation for me.I have a passion for beauty, photography and painting. I love creating worlds that are slightly abstract and look like paintings. I do a lot of underwater photography and use photoshop to finish the transformation. I love fashion and love to feature fabrics. Underwater the materials look like sculptures in movement.

I create because it makes me happy. I get inspired by fashion specially from Alexander McQueen but also Gaultier, artists like Cooper and Gorfer, Sparrek, Sarah Moon and many more.I am very instinctive in the way I work. I usually feed off my emotions and usually think in abstract terms. I start with a color and go get fabric, or I find a dress. Then i think of movement and according to who I will be shooting I come up with poses I want them to achieve underwater.

My work on land is completely planned before the shooting. Once I sit down on photoshop I love to experiment. The editing is as important as the shooting in my process.


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