Lynda Burbank was born in Burbank, California, and grew up in Southern California.  She started as a painter and quickly became focused on photorealism. This interest led her to the artist Malcolm Morley, who later became her teacher. Burkan’s interest in art became more intense and focused while she studied and learned from art luminaries such as Mel Pekarsky and Lawrence Alloway. 

After several professional decades in NYC and later Los Angeles, Lynda landed at  Creative Artists Agency (CAA) where she was assistant to Amy Grossman and Ron Meye and became obsessed with films. She worked on low-budget non-union films in the Art Department with Roger Corman and eventually in production design with Rae Fox for films such as " Sid and Nancy," " Repo Man" and " Born in East L.A."

Today, Lynda continues her work in the film sector as a set decorator on movies and television sitcoms such as "Mad About You," "According to Jim,"  "Less Than Perfect," and  "Mike & Molly."  She has continued to paint all these years and has shifted her energy and goals to become a thriving artist.