Marcela del Campo

In photographer Marcela del Campo’s ‘In Transition’ series, women effortlessly glide through and float above water, both expansive ocean surfaces and calm pools. Here, water is a metaphor for an encompassing and malleable world, an environment that is ever present, yet protean in its possibilities.

Del Campo has traveled extensively throughout Africa, East Asia, and her native Argentina. She focuses her lens on people and creates stunning landscapes and portraits that capture the nuance and beauty of each individual and place, from tribal Africa, to Arizonian canyons to street photography. 

Del Campo’s work has been featured in exhibitions from New York to London and at SCOPE Immersive for See|Me. She has also produced numerous travel books.

“...the experience of motherhood not as an obligation but as a possibility, the constant search for conciliation between the family and professional space, the postponement in the process of having a formal relationship, the becoming heads of families and providers and, of course, the search for an appropriation of the body and sexuality show that women are in a process of unprecedented transformation.”