Marcia Brauer is a mixed media artist currently living in Northern California wine country, but her roots are in Minnesota. Growing up there, she experienced an intimate connection with nature and the changing seasons, and began to question at an early age many things about the universe, the planet, and its inhabitants. As an adult, she continues to search for meaning amidst the rapid pace of change.

Marcia is also interested in the ways in which we communicate with one another, particularly through the written word. Much of her art is full of symbols and words which have no literal meaning, bridging the gap between all languages. Her pieces reflect both the sky, the land, and language of our connections to them.

Throughout her career, Marcia has exhibited her work in Minnesota, California, Italy, and Switzerland, as well as several online exhibits, art journals, and artist exchanges. Her wish is that the viewer can experience and connect in an individual and personal way to her art, just as she connects with the natural world and her own questions about the universe.