"My paintings are a new approach to the language of the ancient Russian icon. The old Russian painting style is built on the foundation of humanism and aesthetics. Returning to these basics reminds me of who I am and my roots; this is essential to me in a world that doesn't stop and develops expeditiously into technological progress." 

Recently graduated from the Ilya Glazunov Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Maria Golosnaya has developed an arresting painting style based on the principles of realism. She is looking for approaches in applying varied techniques and in synthesizing these with the Russian icon.  Maria uses the modalities  of painting and graphics, as well as materials such as oil, tempera, watercolor. The central theme of her paintings is the search for the foundations of humanism in the modern world.

Maria has participated in various exhibitions in Russia and outside her country, most recently in a group show entitled "Heritage and Modernity" in Moscow, Russia.