Mariana Gómez is a Colombian plastic artist who graduated from Fine Arts in her hometown, Bogotá, with an emphasis in painting, from the Universidad de Los Andes. She has a Master's degree in Sculpture from Pratt Institute in New York. 

Gomez's work thoroughly investigates the female gender, seeking each piece to generate a conversation around the many things women tend to hide, either because it is an "inappropriate" topic (because society so ruled) or because it is considered taboo. Her pieces put secrets aside and speak freely about the nature of women, visually and conceptually exposing their bodies, rituals, customs, stories, and fears.

Throughout his artistic career, Mariana has been in individual and collective exhibitions in New York, Bogotá, and Tokyo. She also has participated in major art fairs in Bogotá, Mexico City, and Lisbon, such as Zona MACO, Drawing Room, and BARCÚ, where she won an honorable mention by curator Phillipa Adams in 2017. 

In addition to her artistic pursuit, Mariana has also worked in cultural management, as part of the organization of the ARTBO fair and as art director of the non-profit Fundación Corazón Verde, where she managed more than 12 exhibitions and auctions.

She is currently carrying out her workshop practice daily, where she investigates the female gender and its implications in our society.