Originally from Quebec province in Canada, Marie-Chloé Duval is now based in New-York city and pursues a path as contrasted and audacious as her works. Initially absorbed by a career in criminology, Duval discovered her interest in art just as she was finishing her graduate studies. 

Duval developed her visual identity and explored the world of photography before devoting herself fully to painting in 2016. In her process, she begins with an ephemeral event and then transposes her analysis of the world at an accelerated pace.

Duval's universe navigates between figurative and abstract, with a predilection for black and white. The human has become a core element of her work, even if when it does not appear on her canvases. Duval stays connected to the process by varying her materials; acrylic coexists with Indian ink, graphite, and more recently, embroidery, which she subtly integrates into her works.

Duval’s work has been shown in exhibitions in Montreal, Chicago, Palm Springs, San Francisco and Quebec. She has participated in the symposium at the McCord Museum in Montreal (2017) during the Printemps Numérique 20(17), in Montreal and in a residency at Haihatus in Finland (2019) as well as a cultural development mission in Paris (2019).  Duval is experiencing a notable evolution while now being enrolled in Fine Arts, Painting and drawing, at Concordia University. 

Duval is currently based in New-York City where she draws from the multiple human actions, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.