Maryia Virshych

Maryia Virshych, born in 1989 in Minsk, Belarus, is an artist and designer whose work encompasses various disciplines such as architecture, space and product design, and craft. She received her Design Research MA from the Bau Design College in Barcelona, Spain in 2016, following a BA in Architecture from Belarusian National Technical University in 2012. Her diverse background influences her current artistic practice.

Throughout her career, Maryia has held creative positions at notable studios, including Jordi Canudas Studio, Curro Claret Studio, Fundació Antoni Tapies, and Dada Studios. In 2019, she established her artistic studio, focusing primarily on ceramics. Her talent and dedication have earned her numerous design awards, including the Design Award from the Royal Society of Art and the Residency Award from Domaine de Boisbuchet. Maryia's artwork has been featured in various collective exhibitions, such as 1000 Vases in Paris, France, Toussaint at Palais Galerie in Neuchatel, Switzerland; Hangar in Barcelona, Spain; Sala d'Art Jove in Barcelona, Spain; Cluster Crafts in London, UK, and Milan Fashion Week, among others.

Maryia's artistic exploration revolves around vanishing terrains in the face of climate change. She creates tactile canvases entirely made of ceramics, drawing inspiration from aerial footage of landscapes slowly disappearing due to the climate crisis. Despite feeling helpless and pessimistic, Maryia finds solace in producing and reproducing magical landscapes of her imagination. Through her art, she captures and frames fragments of these terrains, transforming them into material objects that transcend individual memory.

The landscapes Maryia creates in her artwork exist solely in the realm of alternative reality, untouched by the burdens of humanity. They serve as visions of hope and escapism, providing a counterbalance to the harsh realities of the world we live in. Her work not only showcases her artistic skill but also prompts reflection on the fragile relationship between humans and the natural environment.