Lithuanian painter Meda Norbutaité is deeply focused on exploring human life, relationships, feelings, and behavior in various spheres of life. Her paintings engage with social, political and ecological matters, and there, she seeks to express her thoughts using irony, symbols or metaphors. Norbutaité frequently employs the concept of the Grotesque - she believes it helps to communicate her ideas.

“My paintings require acquisition and interpretation of signs through a personal view of the world. I use provocative images that incite thoughts, emotions, and invite inner dialogue with oneself, comparing observation to visually informing insights into one’s experiences. In my view, this leaves the essence of the topics proposed for reflection.”

The narratives of Norbutaité paintings resonate as reports of society’s behavioral intentions. These investigations are both personal and universal; her paintings encompass emergent self-knowledge and human nature, as well as psychological construction - concepts that resonate as common human themes.

Norbutaité’s artwork has been exhibited in Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Byelorussia, Georgia, the Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway, South Korea, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Austria, and Lithuania. Since 1997 has held more than 30 personal exhibitions, participated in more than 170 group exhibitions.  Norbutaité’ has been awarded international prize recognitions for her art, such as the Swiss Baltic Net Graduate Award from Gerbert Rüf Foundation (Switzerland, 2003) and the Second Prize at the International Art Forum Winter Insomnia (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2017) among others.