Artist Micah Ofstedahl developed an early connection with the creative process and gained initial inspiration through exposure to the works of M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali. Throughout his studies, he specialized in sculpture and ceramics, which later influenced his distinctive, surreal acrylic painting style characterized by a clean, organic aesthetic.

Micah's fascination with anatomy and other biological forms, including the stylized 19th-century illustrations by Ernst Haeckel, led him to delve into a decade-long exploration of biological surrealism. However, he has recently shifted his focus to "altered realism," in which his hyper-realistic landscapes are distorted by otherwise imperceptible forms and patterns, creating a captivating visual experience.

"I create highly realistic natural landscapes and then introduce distorted patterns or design elements that appear to be composed of water or glass, invoking a sense of rippling in space-time. This approach represents various concepts to me. It is, in essence, about perceiving things from a different perspective or seeing them anew, rather than taking the world for granted and not truly observing our surroundings. Moreover, this effect can symbolize the mysteries of life, encompassing the realms of spirituality, God, or unseen forces. It may also evoke the idea of portals or multiple dimensions."

Micah pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato and currently lives and works in Ashland, Oregon.