Noreen, a self-taught multidisciplinary artist from Baltimore, MD, USA, creates collages that are storylines rooted in the truth of her journey through life as a black woman. Her work is meant to bring attention to the social/racial inequities of black/brown women, comparative to that of their white female counterparts, when living out feminine freedoms and human rights in a white male dominated society.

Noreen's collages lend themselves to the innate power found in womanhood, and the divine feminine, inclusive of those seldom celebrated complexities and nuances of female existence over time and various life occurrences. Her collage materials are sourced from comic books and graphic novels, calling attention to the serialized, ephemeral nature of comics, reflecting the real-world racism, sexism, and classism that structure American society.

Her love for making began from observing the women in her family create out of necessity or simply for the sake of making something beautiful but, rarely for recognition or monetization. Those authentic experiences taught Noreen that art is a birthright belonging to everyone, a universal form of communication, and an intimate exchange that on the deepest level can evoke a visceral response. Knowing she could cultivate an artistic voice that could be seen, felt, and heard was the catalyst for her beginnings as an artist.

Noreen's powerful and thought-provoking collages are a testament to her unique vision and her desire to shed light on the experiences of black/brown women in a society that has long marginalized their voices.