“I am a woman and an artist, and my work explores that ever-changing role. I am interested in ideas of body image, illness, chronic pain, family and friends, the delicacy of nature, and joy in the act of living."

Paula Borsetti's paintings reflect her love for New England's natural environment; she is inspired by colors, patterns, textures, forms, and movement.  Her work revolves around personal topics and daily living, telling stories about herself, her family, and her friends. 

"I am working from an internal place of discovery, wondering where I fit in, working through pain, and painting the story as it evolves while my limbs go numb, and I wonder if I must keep it all to myself."

For EVOLVE, Paula presents her Coastal and Pals series, inspired by a dear friend living with ALS. 

For almost three decades, Borsetti dedicated her career to art education; currently she has turned her focus to full-time painting "I am pouring out the past 60 years of experience daily in my studio and loving every minute!"