Radek Muniak is a multi-faceted creative individual who is a philosopher, self-taught painter, writer, practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, and traveler currently living in Mexico City.

As a child, Radek had a passion for designing and drawing houses, which were intricate and imaginative. He pursued his passion and worked on the designs professionally to the extent a ten-year-old could. However, he remembered his childhood drawings a couple of years ago when he started painting mandalas as part of his Tibetan Buddhist practice. Radek's paintings are a process of centering and expansion, as in travel, which are two movements defined by any number of directions. Similar to a journey in which the two extremes are made perceptible here and there.

According to Muniak, Mandalas is a device that blends vision and experience, causing a sensation of unity through which we become whole. They are a medium of reconstruction, reintegration, and creative disintegration. His paintings are part of a larger art project called 'Not All Homes Are Wounds,' which chronicles his travel experience. They are based on maps of cities he has lived in, and the lines represent roads etched into the wood like scars. Each painting is an emotional blueprint, a reworking of the Tibetan mandala principle, representing a house.

Muniak is a former assistant professor at SWPS University in Warsaw, author of two non-fiction books ("The Puppet Effect" and "Cultural Dimensions of Genocide"), countless articles on art, philosophy, and anthropology, and one unpublished (nor finished) novel. He loves ambiguities, the moon, dogs, and weird-smelling cheeses. In his opinion, there is no true north, and all is a horizon.