Raghavi is a textile designer and illustrator from Delhi, India, currently based in New York, USA. Her work explores the conjunction of the contradictory, where she seeks to integrate oxymorons in each piece.

Raghavi inspiration deeply references Indian culture, heritage, and architecture; every design starts with a point, from which infinitely multiplying patterns, textures, and structures spring.

The artist is a textile designer and researcher, primarily working with patterns and fabric sculpting, including origami techniques. She specializes in parametric fabric forms that can be expanded and compressed, working toward innovative space optimization methods with a traditional aesthetic.

“I create bridges in paradoxes - making kinetic sculptures using a woven fabric, three-dimensional structures from cloth, with illustrations inspired from ancient Mandala art practices drawn by hand and further printed. The repetition in dots, lines, shapes, patterns, and ultimately folds bring a sense of calmness from chaos creates a unified yet vast body of art. Textile Origami is a craft I created through the pandemic. The precision, patience, and mindful repetition brought not just solace to me from the chaotic world outside, but a sense of control over what I could achieve through the toughest of times.”

Sreeghavi’s work is structured through order, conscientious planning, intricacy, and symmetry, combined with intuitive and literal layers.