Ragnhild Lunden

“My pictures search back to drawings and even back to the most original pictures we know. The oldest pictures in Sweden, where I was born, are found in the barren, almost primeval wilderness of the mountains.  Hewn into rocks more than 7000 years ago, they depict powerful animals and tools necessary for survival, but rarely human beings. I am a traveler and have taken part in many cultures and I know that similar pictures exist all over the world. You can find triangles, circles, hieroglyphs as well as Arabian signs in my pictures. Those who cannot read need not worry; the signs and characters exist for the sake of beauty and to express feelings that we all have in common, regardless of skin color or origin.”

Painter Ragnhild Lunden was raised in Sweden and studied at the Valand Academy of Art at the University of Gothenburg and the Royal Academy of Art. Lunden now lives and works in Bohuslän on Sweden’s northwest coast, surrounded by gorgeous rocky isles and a view of the North Sea.