Rima Al-Bashir

Rima Al- Bashir is a Jordanian artist who aims to engage people with her artworks to an artist's extent.
Her recent interest in Greek mythology has allowed her to use this curiosity as a tool to break through the classic academic methods and produce a contemporary way to present her work using mixed media. Holding a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Jordan in 2012., she also collaborated with local institutions involved in social issues.

“Today’s renewed pan-Arabism faces the same challenge it did in the 1960s: ethnic identity. If Arabs are to come together,-- this time not in a super-state but a union of regional economies .they will first have to agree on who does and does not count as an Arab. That's a more complicated and potentially controversial question than outsiders might realize, but it could challenge the Arab world .and me as an individual and artist. “

Al-Bashir´s work has been exhibited in several group exhibitions throughout Amman, London, Greece, Jordan, and Italy. The artist is currently based in Jordan, where she works and lives.