Rocio Villanueva is an Italian-Guatemalan photographer and artist currently based in Guatemala.

Her creative process begins with sketches of different elements that merge, location, characters, and a sense of time. Then, using light and shadow, color and texture, Villanueva transitions to digital photography tools and enhancements. The result is painterly and surreal where stories emerge from metaphors, memories, and dreams in a vision of parallel worlds. 

My work focuses mainly on the psyche, the human soul, and its manifestations through their cognitive reflexes such as sensations, perceptions and thoughts as well as affective reflexes, such as emotions and feelings, seen from the subconscious and the unconscious. In each photograph I make a story that is represented in parallel worlds, in scenarios that belong to an unreal dimension, without time, somewhat fantastic and romantic.”

Villanueva is a self-taught artist. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Guatemala City, Rome and Palm Beach. Winner of the call of Mujeres Fotógrafas Latinoamericanas of the Visor Magazine, Mexico in conceptual photography 2017.