Sarah H. Jones, born in 1990, is a self-taught visual artist based in Virginia. Her childhood was imbued with familiarity with the arts, and she constantly found ways to cultivate her creative desire. Her father, a talented painter, Jerome Jones, was her model of perfection on the canvas.

Jones started her professional career in the culinary field as a pastry chef, and she obtained a business degree while continuing to translate those experiences into growing her artistic craft. Her knowledge from her culinary training is evident in her unconventional, creative methods, and she uses this to push the limits of her art.

From a creative vantage point, Jones knows no limits. She allows the art itself to dictate the process, discovering methods and techniques essential to delivering her vision. The nature of her artwork evokes a spiritual/meditative ethos, and she gravitates toward communicating this by forming texture through diverse mediums.

Jones' figurative and abstract pieces oscillate between ornament and design, echoing her Pan-African heritage. Her paintings and sculptures symbolize a particular inner strength and spiritual consciousness that she constantly pursues. She attempts to connect the threads of blackness, spirituality, and nature to create pieces that evoke a sense of harmony in its purest form.

Jones is drawn to the exploration and manipulation of materials, weaving texture and culture into her art through the inspirations of her world travels and the wonders of nature. She is a full-time artist and facilitates instructional sessions on painting and sculpting through various platforms. Sarah is also passionate about donating her craft to organizations that promote positive change worldwide.