Sarah H, Jones

Sarah H Jones (b 1990) is a self-taught artist with a studio practice in Virginia. In her youth, she recognized a sense of familiarity with the arts and constantly found ways to cultivate that creative desire.

Her professional career began in the culinary field as a pastry chef, and she obtained a degree in business, meanwhile continuing to translate those experiences into growing her artistic craft and pushing the limits.

"My work is a deliberate reflection of my spirituality, which I am deeply rooted in. One who possesses healthy spirituality holds a sense of peace, wholeness, and balance amidst human life's physical, emotional, and social conditions. I aim to evoke that universal meditative ethos we can relate to when we've found a deep-rooted sense of peace."

She is drawn to the exploration and manipulation of materials. Texture, culture, and spirituality are woven into her art through the inspirations from her world travels and the wonders of nature.