Sarko Meené is an Armenian multidisciplinary artist whose investigations revolve around the concepts of joy, innocence, and human nature at its most pure essence. Working primarily with mixed media such as altered mesh and silk panels, Meené uses abstraction and metaphor to portray her conception of life as a child, and make real the enduring innocence and happiness inherent in their world. 

“No matter how we may feel at a given moment, the core that we have deep inside us is made of joy. Because it is made by nature, we are all born with an incredible desire to live. Then we grow into a society that confuses us - we forget our nature. Some of us continue on a joyless journey and some of us live our lives in pursuit of reviving that innocence”

Meené’s creations are characterized by the vivid color explosions she includes in her pieces and mix of textures. Her attention is focused on the small things that are subtly woven through each piece and ‘noticed by a pure heart’; through her art she seeks to spotlight beauty, light and life.