Painter Sonia Bukhgalter focuses her attention on expressing the concept of spiritual ascension in the modern era through art:

“I am inspired by the connection between the vastness of nature and my own internal world of emotions. I paint skyscapes on gilded surfaces, with a focus on atmospheric elements and clouds to explore a dimension between the physical and spiritual world. In this realm of intangible skies where nothing is really  defined, the viewer can see the vague reflection of themselves surrounded by swirling clouds that obscure the pure golden light of the gilded surface. My choice to use gold leaf comes from my background working as a gilder. This material is symbolic of divinity in many different cultures.

As a young child growing up in Florence, Italy, Bukhgalter experienced  the beautiful renaissance city and the incredible artistic ability of its historic master artists. Through her mother's artisan studio she learned ancient techniques such as gilding and fresco and worked as an artist, artisan, and art educator while a student at a fine arts academy in Florence.