Tom Potisit is a renowned fashion and commercial photographer born in Thailand. He uses his photography to spark conversations about important social and environmental issues, employing extensive research and authentic background materials to infuse his work with meaningful references.

In his latest series, "THE MIDDLE PATH," Tom combines the principles of Thai Buddhism with the art of rope bondage known as "Shibari." This collection of photographs beautifully merges the ethos and context of Thai Buddhism, resulting in an aesthetic and philosophical synthesis that captivates the viewer and challenges established beliefs. The series visually explores the delicate interplay between physical restraint, consciousness, and liberation.

Potisit’s photographic works provide a sharp and compelling representation of the intersection between human vulnerability and belief systems and they serve as a critical commentary on the realities of our world, as well  as a testament to the power of bondage as a visual language, embodied in the art of "Shibari."

Through his work, Tom is particularly interested in using his work to shed light on various critical global issues, including human rights, endangered sea mammals, organ donation, and environmental concerns. He has also delivered a TEDx talk titled "Changing the World One Image at a Time."

As the Founder of Bangkok Creative Studio, Tom focuses on supporting talented Thai individuals with exceptional creative and photography skills in order to help them navigate the art market. Additionally, he established HOP (Hub Of Photography), a comprehensive community space that promotes the growth of Thai photographers and provides them with a platform to showcase their work to a wider audience.

Tom also serves as a board member of the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand (RPST), where he plays a crucial role in international relations. His mission is to promote Thai photography on a global scale and foster connections between countries using the medium of photography. Tom has also recently been appointed as the official liaison officer of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).