William Ye is a portrait and fine art photographer based in Toronto. His work is profoundly inspired by psychology, emotions, and feelings, and he is deeply influenced by contemporary artists and photographers of his  generation such as Annie Leibovitz, Erwin Olaf, JuliaHetta, and Jennifer Thoreson (formerly Jennifer Hudson). Ye has tuned his vision and built a unique photographic style which has garnered him International photography recognitions and awards.

“I cannot literally photograph the concepts as they are highly abstract, non-visual and intangible concepts, so instead, I try to photograph the various images associated with these concepts to translate abstract intangibles”

Ye’s work has been exhibited in Paris, Moscow, Tokyo USA and Italy, amongst other locals, and he was the grand prize winner in the non-professional category at the Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) in both 2017 and 2018. He is currently pursuing a PhD at University of Toronto.