ZaHaVa Sherez is an international contemporary artist and spiritual activist who has been using her art since 1992 to give voice to social justice, human rights, immigrants, and refugees. Born in Argentina, the artist grew up in Israel, and moved to the USA in 1985. Since 2018 she has been living and working both in California and Jalisco, MX. 

Being multicultural and multilingual has enriched her life in indescribable ways. Experiences such as immigrations, wars, and oppression have been implausible teachers that have deepened and shaped ZaHaVa’s worldview to understand that humanity is One Race. Having lived in multiple cultures, witnessing the rich differences between them, she was able to see the fundamental similarities that make divisions obsolete. 

As an artist, she draws from her life lessons and has used stone, clay, resin, bronze, mixed media, and color, to convey her messages. 

Her latest work, InBodied Light is a large sculptural project which is a visual representation of the message We Are One! To best illustrate this concept, Sherez chose to use a material that has a transparency and lightness to it so that light becomes a central element. This places the emphasis on the common field and on our connectedness with all and everything through Light and Vibrational Energy. Darkness cannot exist when light shines on it. That is the purpose of this work – silent and powerful Beings transforming with their presence. 

Sherez is the recipient of numerous awards, and her work has been shown from California to New York and all the way to Paris, China, Corsica, and Mexico, and Havana, Cuba. Private and corporate collectors in the USA, Israel, The Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, England, Chile, and Mexico, on her art. 

Zahava is fluent in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.