Jennifer Orhélys, 'My Earth's Memory'
Jennifer Orhélys

Jennifer Orhélys, 'My Earth's Memory'

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Jennifer Orhélys was born in 1981 in Belfort (France), and navigating since a childhood of cultural diversity, languages, and art. Jennifer has always been lucky to be in contact with the beauty and the surrounding wilderness. An intense visual experience that will feed her years later in her artistic expression: photography.

By the emotion that carries her, Jennifer persists in creating an imaginary, colorful, and reflective world of solitary heroines and emotionally charged landscapes against an insidious moroseness of society. Her photographs explore the universal themes of dreams, fairy tales, mythology, and religion.

"I'm French with Prussian, Italian and Belgian origins. In a way, I can say that I embody the diversity of European cultures. For this reason, I realized an autobio-photographical series on the theme: What is it to be French? Thus, by my culture, my languages, and my education, I try to determine my nature, which makes me "French." In Germany, it said of France that "it is the country where wine and honey flow. France represents freedom and has a wealth of landscapes in these different regions. In my photographs, France is represented as a landscape decor, that I translate in geometry, colors, and with stagings of light. I'm staging myself in nature, but to achieve an impression of universality. Finally, I have the will to create an "emotional and romantic atmosphere."

Outstanding color saturation creates vivid images printed on 240 gsm Epson paper with a 10 mil thickness.