Ana Gómez studied Visual Arts with emphasis in graphic expression at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia, and completed a Fine Arts M.F.A. with emphasis in sculpture at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, Germany. 

Her work addresses themes such as belonging, identity and one's relationship to place. Working mainly with installations, she uses the exhibition space as a main character that plays an important role. Gómez also focuses on the concept of barriers – where something ends and something else begins – she implements a division of space, such as a curtain, to represent a limit, or a metaphorical barrier. 

“I use language as a key base in my work, since it’s an essential tool for human beings. It allows us to connect and communicate with other people. It is also what forms part of our identity.” She writes in Spanish, German, and English, as she has learned to communicate through those three languages. 

Her work has been exhibited in Colombia and Germany, and now in New York. In Bogotá she has exhibited in galleries such as Salón Comunal, Galería el Nogal, El Parche Artist Residency and the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad Javeriana. In Germany she has been invited to present her work in exhibition spaces such as Ernst Barlach Museum (Hamburg) and Muthesius Kunsthochschule (Kiel). She lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.