Ana Gomez, 'Vaivén', 2021
Ana Gomez, 'Vaivén', 2021
Ana Gomez, 'Vaivén', 2021
Ana Gomez

Ana Gomez, 'Vaivén', 2021

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Reflective foil, black etching ink,  aluminum bar

90 cm x 187 cm / 35.4 inches x 73.6 inches

Vaivén is an installation consisting of a transparent curtain with text that must be seen on both sides. The project questions the space in which it was installed and its relationship with the room. The work seeks to highlight the transit from one side to the other, the crossing and the invisible crossing point.

The project seeks to subvert the conventionality of the space and the relationships we create in the room. That is why I take as a reference the entrance frame, as it is an indifferent but primordial place in any relationship with a living space.

Not only does the work interrogate the space itself, but it also questions the viewer, who is forced to pass through in order to see the text on the other side. The questions, "How will it be?" and "What do you miss?" are to be read literally but also metaphorically. 

A passage not only spatial but also metaphorical. Moving from one room to another can be seen as a metaphor for what it is to move from one stage to another stage or to go through a change.

A passage between the past and the present/a before and an after.

The viewer himself is confronted with those questions we ask ourselves when we go through a moment of transition. Because every experience that begins makes us wonder how it will be, and at the same time when it ends, questions also arise about what we miss.



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